About Us

About Us

We’re the apps development team at Automattic. We work on apps for WordPress, Woo, Simplenote, and Jetpack.

Meet the Team

The Numbers

We are serious about growing diversity in the tech industry.

  • 102 people distributed across 33 countries.
  • Gender diversity of new hires: 32% female.
  • 54% of new hires speak English as a second language.
  • Languages spoken across the team: English, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Serbian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Hindi, Filippino, Patois, and Arabic.


Some of our team wrote about how they ended up working at Automattic and what its like to work here.

Daniel Bernal

I applied in July 2020 after reading a NYT article where our CEO Matt Mullenweg talks about the hiring process…

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Matt Chowning

When I joined Automattic, one of the first ways I felt freedom was discovering I wasn’t restricted to only working within my “role” as a developer…

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Thuy Copeland

When I applied to Automattic it was a total accident. A recruiter sent me a message and mentioned that she was “seeking a remote iOS Developer.”…

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Joel Dean

Interviews can be gruelling, however, my experience with Automattic was as seamless as one could hope for…

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Paul Von Schrottky

The interview process gave me a real taste of what working at Automattic would be like and how the company was different from places where I had worked previously. The first indication…

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Gio Lodi

I sit at my desk, have a sip of coffee, log in to the work chat, and type “Hello everyone ☕️.”

Shortly after, someone else replies “I’m off for the day 👋. “…

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Anitaa Murthy

I’ve applied to many companies and have interviewed with a lot of people, but I have never had such a unique interview experience as the one I had with Automattic…

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Pinar Olguc

I knew that typical office life wasn’t always the most efficient way for me to code. I remember bringing work home to avoid distractions…

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César Tardáguila

I still recall the day I told my brother, who also works as a software engineer, that I had received a formal offer from Automattic…

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