How to test push notifications in your iOS production app

Testing push notifications can be tricky, especially when an app has been released in the App Store. Luckily,  there are lots of tools available to make this easier. Let’s look at how to set up and use two of them: Houston and Pusher. A sample push notification Push notification content is defined by a JSON […]

Offline Principles

Cowritten with Megs Fulton Many of us design and build apps in air-conditioned offices in major cities, using the latest devices with perfect internet connections. We don’t often think about how apps should work without a strong internet connection. It’s no wonder so many apps feel clunky or broken with a flaky internet connection, or […]

WordPress Mobile Apps: the Heartbeat release process

A new great feature, an important bug fix, a UI improvement, a subtle but effective change; whenever the latest development is complete, the next step is to ship it to users. As developers, we want to deliver improvements quickly, but we have to strike a balance. We like to release bug fixes as soon as […]

Hello, World!

Howdy! Welcome to the Automattic Mobile Tech Blog! On this blog we’ll be sharing our  experiences as we develop mobile apps, including cool things we’ve built, challenges we’ve overcome, and the rationale behind our solutions. If you’re not familiar with Automattic, we’re the company behind, the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, and much more. […]